Heroes of Teraya Free Writing Tool - SOGG
A New Novel Coming Soon!
The story begins...

"Crackling flames highlighted the eternal grins of Lantir's undead assailants. The only exit to the small stone chamber had moments ago clanged shut, and the already fetid air was filling with suffocating smoke. All of which led Lantir to ponder if he had chosen the wrong day to bring his niece and nephew along to work."

As a special Investigator for Untherdred's Kingdom, Lantir was no stranger to fighting monstrous assassins and finding missing people. However, in rushing to the aid of friends, he becomes the target of a dangerous Necromancer. Can Lantir keep his friends safe, and perhaps the whole Kingdom?

A wholesome, but action-packed adventure for teenagers through adults, Heroes of Teraya follows a group of companions trying their best to defeat a growing evil.

Heroes of Teraya: Tyranny of the Necromancer is my debut novel coming soon! A link will be posted here to purchase as soon as it is available.

Last update: 2023-Mar-19

Subject-Object Graph Generator (SOGG) is a script-based tool for writers to automatically generate interactive graphs from text descriptions of subjects, objects and their relationships.
Who is it for?
This isn't a tool for everyone, but ideal for programmers and other computer experts who want to graph the entities and relationships of their story. It does not save your data, which is intentional. This can be inconvenient in some ways, but it gives you free control of your data. The script format is designed to be human-readable, so you can edit your story information on any text editor, (ideally with cloud backup) and copy and paste it into SOGG when you want it charted.
How much does it cost?
SOGG is completely free. If you find it useful, and want to show your support, please check out my novel and sample chapter of Heroes of Teraya - Tyranny of the Necromancer on Amazon and see if it something you'd like to read.
Why does SOGG exist?
I created SOGG to help me with my writing. There are a lot of well-developed, elaborate writing tools out there. I tried some of those, but they didn't work for me as I found it too slow to enter my data in a GUI. Also, when updates occurred, and when fetures were redesigned, my charts and data had to be redone which was tedious and a time-waster. So, I designed a tool where my data entry just text you can do anywhere, and the raw data is useable as is. The chart that is generated is basically a node graph, but instead of drawing the relationships with lines of multple angles, I kept all of the relationships horizantal for maximum readability. Typical node charts work very well when there is only type of connected relationship. SOGG allows you to have unlimited distinct custom relationship types.
Why is it called Subject-Object Graph Generator (SOGG) and not something like Story Charter?
While I designed SOGG with a use case of novel writing, I wanted to leave the terminology generic as it may be useful for other use cases.
Where can I find SOGG?
Click here to try it out
Anything else I should know?
By default the page loads a small example of some Lord of the Rings characters and other subjectas and objects. Click the Generate button to see the graph and click around the graph to navigate your data. Paste your data in the text box with your own and click generate again.

SOGG does NOT save any of your data. So, please write and edit it in your favorite editor, and just paste it into SOGG. None of your data is sent to my server, so your privacy and rights are protected. Any graphs you generate are your own and you may use them for commercial or non-commercial uses. However, my source code is protected by copyright. You may not sell access to SOGG, or make a copy and host it elsewhere without my explicit written permission.
Last update: 2023-Mar-19