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For best experience with this web app, use a large screen, not a phone.

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For best experience with this web app, use a large screen, not a phone.

The Subject-Object graph is an interactive node chart. The main difference between this type of chart and one you might see on a site like FreeThesaurus.com is that the node lines have custom text to explain the relationship between nodes. Because this relationship text is very important, the relatiosnhips are not drawn as lines at different angles, but horizantally with all the relationships listed clearly in bulleted lists.

If you click on a Subject or Object, if it has a entry as a subject in your data, the Focus Subject will change to that new Subject, just as you would navigate in any node diagram.
None of your data is sent to my server, so your privacy and rights are protected. Any graphs you generate are your own and you may use them for commercial or non-commercial uses.

However, my source code is protected by copyright. You may not sell access to SOGG, or make a copy and host it elsewhere without my explicit written permission.

As SOGG does NOT save any of your data, please write and edit it in your favorite editor, and just paste it into SOGG.
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